Is Cable Balancing Efficient Enough for EMI Mitigation in Data Centers?
Although most designers base their projects on optical fibers as the only viable cabling solution for data centers, applicable standards recognize both copper and fiber. Copper solutions may include unshielded and/or screened cables as well. However, unshielded cabling may not be suitable for these mission-critical environments. Thus, the goal of this presentation is evaluating copper cabling solutions in light of cable balancing effectiveness in order to mitigate EMI. Installation practices and methods are also discussed.

Designing Cabling Systems and Data Centers for Green Building Compliance
This presentation discusses strategies for design and implementation of telecommunications cabling systems as well as data center infrastructure based on the green concept for energy efficiency improvements.This presentation was delivered in the ‘2009 BICSI Winter Conference’ held in Orlando, FL – USA. This was a 3-hour seminar, presented on January 18, 2009.