Paulo Marin is awarded the "2014 Harry J. Pfister Award"

2015 Winter Conference

During the annual banquet at the 2015 BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, FL the most important award of the year was reserved to Paulo Marin, who surprisingly received it with great honor from the hand of the one who gives his name to the award –  Harry Pfister, former president of BICSI in the 70’s and the one who idealized the BICSI Winter Conference.

The most expected award of the night is given to the one who, throughout his/her career, played an important role in the telecommunications and ICT industry worldwide. The 2014 award was given to Paulo Marin in recognition of his continued dedication, commitment and service to the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry for more than two decades.

“Although my contributions to this industry are not motivated by public recognition, earning such an award is just a confirmation that I’ve been walking on the right way, it’s a great stimulus to continue moving forward “, said Paulo Marin when receiving the 2014 Harry J. Pfister Award for Excellence in the Telecommunications Industry, Given by the University of South Florida – College of Engineering.

Paulo Marin presents at the General Session - 2015 BICSI Winter Conference

2015 Winter Conference

On February 24, 2015 Dr. Paulo Marin delivered a presentation about cable balancing effectiveness in presence of electromagnetic interference in data centers at the “2015 BICSI Winter Conference”, held in Orlando, FL – USA.

During the presentation Marin discussed potential sources of EMI in data centers that can negatively affect data transmission and techniques to improve cabling systems’ immunity in these environments when using copper cables as transmission media. Although most of the large data centers rely on optical cabling systems as their preferred transmission media, smaller data centers still use copper cables. Strategies to mitigate EMI and the use of unshielded cables versus screened cables were discussed.

The audience, comprised of more than 2,000 attendees, benefitted from a vendor-neutral high level technical presentation in the afternoon of that Tuesday February 24, 2015 in Orlando, FL – USA. Some of the attendees were able to ask questions to Paulo Marin at the end of his presentation during a brief Q&A session.

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Paulo Marin talks about Green Buildings - Orlando, 2009

In a three-hour session, during the “2009 BICSI Winter Conference”, held in Orlando, FL-USA, Paulo Marin discussed and suggested strategies for design and implementation of telecommunications cabling systems for energy efficiency. He started with a brief history of green buildings, its concepts, the basics of green buildings, the USGBC LEED ratings, and so on.

Although the USGBC utilizes the CSI Master Format and does not includes Division 27 (Communications), which encompasses telecommunications cabling, there are some approaches that the cabling designer may adopt in order to provide its design with an “energy efficiency” fashion.

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