Alien Crosstalk Response of Augmented Category 6 Balanced Cables due to the Proximity Effect
The objective of this paper is to discuss the response of Cat.6A balanced cables used as transmission media for high-speed data communications in structured cabling systems. An analysis of alien crosstalk based upon the proximity effect is made as well as a comparison between the responses of UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and F/UTP (Foil/Unshielded Twisted Pair) cables in presence of alien crosstalk is presented. Alien crosstalk mitigation techniques in telecommunications cabling systems are discussed as well. This paper was accepted by the IEEE for the 2010 IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Symposium and used as reference for a presentation that I delivered at the 2010 BICSI Fall Conference held in Las Vegas, NV – USA.

Interference between voice and data channels sharing the same unshielded twisted pair cable’s sheath in structured cabling systems
This paper was presented at the 2003 IEEE Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility in Boston, MA – USA, and discusses the results of a thorough study about interference between analog and digital signals in structured cabling systems when propagating through unshielded balanced pairs sharing the same cable’s sheath.